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Introducing the : the affordable smartphone that stands out among the best!

It’s the same every year: big tech brands like Apple and Samsung debut their newest smartphones and millions of people around the world go crazy to get their hands on the newest, biggest, most powerful model with all the latest features. However, they soon realize those features aren’t much different from the year before, but they ended up paying hundreds more.

The new xOne smartphone is here to break that bad habit, ended up paying hundreds more. Read our xOne Review

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Why you need xOne?

The xOne brings the same superior technology as the more expensive, in-your-face brands at a fraction of the cost—an impressive $199 at the time this article was written. Main tech specs include a vivid 5.7 inch touch-screen display, both face and fingerprint recognition unlock, long-lasting all-day battery, two stunning cameras—16MP on back and 8MP in front, and flawless internet connectivity for uninterrupted usage. The xOne runs on the super-fast Android 8.1 OS and comes with the top-used Google apps already pre-installed. In a nutshell, our review shows it’s everything you need in a smartphone.

xOne Face Recognition

Why is the xOne so cheap?

Even though millions have already made the switch to the xOne smartphone, if you’re one of the many who haven’t heard of it, there’s an easy explanation for that. It’s because unlike companies like Apple, Huawei and Samsung, who each spend billions of dollars on advertising every year—billions that you, the consumer, end up paying for!—the xOne is a start-up from a European joint venture between France and Germany that invests in its own research, rather than flashy advertising. Plus, the xOne is manufactured in the same factories in China as the leading industry brands, so you can be sure it’s packed with the latest technology.

xOne Fingerprint Lock

Who is the xOne ideal for?

One of the best parts about the xOne smartphone is its versatility. Its super-fast processor (1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek), dual cameras, long-life battery and connectivity options make it great for everyday usage, from calls, texts and emails to the millions of handy Android apps available on the market to watching films on-the-go on Netflix and YouTube. It’s also geared for safety, featuring both a fingerprint sensor as well as face recognition technology that’ll make sure only the phone’s owner has access to the important data stored inside.

Android 8.1 Apps

How are the cameras on the xOne?

Whether you’re strictly into selfies or a budding photographer, you can depend on the xOne to deliver clear, high-quality results every time. On the front is an 8 MP camera that captures the excitement of every selfie moment in crisp clarity, and on the back is a 16 MP + 5 MP triple flash camera optimised for all types of photography, giving you gorgeous sharp pictures with rich colour, even in lower light environments. And thanks to plenty of storage, you’ll never have to worry about deleting! The xOne comes with 16GB of built-in storage that’s expandable to 128GB.

What’s the xOne battery like?

There’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly stop to charge your smartphone battery, or walk around attached to one of those portable chargers. Thankfully, the xOne is optimised with one of the best batteries available today, a 5530mAh Li-Polymer that features 290 hours of standby time and a whopping 9 hours of talk time! Talk about a smartphone that’s made for a busy lifestyle.

xOne's Tech Specs

Looks-wise, the xOne is sturdy, stylish and sleek—all the things you love about the “fashion phones” like the iPhone and the Galaxy, but what’s inside also counts. The front features a brilliant 5.7 inch display screen within a narrow frame for maximum visibility (90% screen-to-body ratio), and around the back is an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner and speaker on the lower left.

  • Display: 5.7 inch multi-touch IPS screen
  • CPU: 1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek MT6739WA processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Cameras: 13 megapixel primary (interpolated to 16MP + 5MP) back, and 5MP (interpolated to 8MP) front
  • Display: 720p HD+
  • Storage: 16GB built-in, expandable to 128GB
  • OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Battery: 3350mAH Lithium-Polymer 
  • Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth v4.00, 3G and 4G mobile
  • Weight: 171.5 grams
  • Dimensions: 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.63mm

The pros and cons of the xOne

Let’s be real—no smartphone is perfect, and a lot of it is due to personal preference, but when it comes to the difference between a decent smartphone and a great one, the xOne definitely comes out on top.

The Pros

  • The price
    When talking about technology, cheaper can often mean lower quality. Not so with the xOne. Overall, it truly is a terrific value that warrants a much higher cost than its $199. 
  • Great display
    The 5.7 inch screen packs a sharp, colour-rich display of 720p with HD+, that makes whatever you watch really pop.
  • Proper cameras
    When it comes to “affordable phones” the cameras are usually where the brand cuts corners, but the xOne’s two cameras really perform.
  • Long-life battery
    What’s the point of a great phone if you can’t use it when you need to? The xOne’s 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery is built to last, with plenty of talk time to endure a day of work and play.
  • Two types of unlocking technology
    Being able to trust both the fingerprint sensor and face recognition technology to get safe access to the phone adds that extra layer of necessary security and really gives the xOne that top-notch quality mark.

The Cons

  • The speed
    While the xOne is undeniably fast, the more advanced techies may find it to be a bit slow. Sometimes there is a brief, yet noticeable lag when switching between apps, but it’s still an overall fast performer.
  • No NFC technology
    Near Field Technology, which allows you to share contacts, websites, images, etc. and make purchases using “contactless” payments by putting your smartphone near other smartphones or pay readers. The xOne doesn’t come equipped, however most phones in this price range also don’t include NFC.
  • Lower audio quality
    while the internal speaker of the xOne isn’t exactly stereophonic, and the volume can tend to be a bit low, this can easily be remedied by plugging in a set of headphones.
xOne Dual Sim Standby

Our xOne Review

Despite its lack of fame, the xOne is one powerful, yet stylish smartphone that ranks right up there with the iPhone, Galaxy, P30 Pro and more, to name a few, that’s made even more refreshing by its reasonable price tag. It comes with all the basics as well as the pluses that make for a truly outstanding smartphone There’s a reason millions of people are opting to ditch the more famous brands and going with xOne, starting with one of the fundamental rules of technology: the more of it that’s made, the less expensive it should be. If you’re in store for a new smartphone, you can count on the xOne to live up to and exceed your expectations for quality, functionality, and—above all—affordability.

Beautiful Look on the xOne

Is the xOne easy to find?

At this point, you’re probably hungry to get your hands on an xOne, like the millions of other people fuelled by phone envy are eager to get theirs! Before you get your sleeping bag ready to camp out overnight in front of some store to be the first in line, listen up: the xOne is only available through the official xOne website. But the good news is the team behind this exceptional smartphone are running an awesome promo for a limited time. While supplies last, get the xOne 2 for 1! Buy 2 and get 1 for Free! Buy 3 and get 2 for Free! It’s a great way to get a xOne for everybody in the family.


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