Ulla Review – Will it make you drink more water?


Let’s talk about something that reminds you of when you need to take a drink water(not anything else of course). The Ulla device is a smart hydration reminder. Go ahead and read our Ulla review.

According to a research that was carried out in 2010, it was discovered that the average adult only drinks about 2.5 cups of water a day, that’s totally way below the recommended amount which should be 8-ounce cups. When you don’t take enough water, your body starts to show signs such as bad breath, fatigue, low concentration amongst many other things.

Ulla with Different Brands

The Full Ulla Review

Seriously, enough of the lectures, back to why you are here. Today, I will be introducing you to Ulla, it’s a smart device (a cute egg-like tech) that reminds you to drink more water. It is really a simple gadget that does not need any charging or even a mobile app – it comes with a battery that lasts for 6 months.

The Key Features of Ulla

The Ulla device is attached to your drinking cup or water bottle. It has an accelerometer that detects when you pick up your cup for a drink. In short, one can say that the Ulla device tracks your every water consumption and it reminds you with an effective blinking to stay dehydrated.

  • It is fully automated and comes with a maintenance-free system that doesn’t require charging and no apps.
  • Don’t worry, it doesn’t make any annoying sound, just an effective blinking.
  • Only blinks when you forget to hydrate for too long.
  • It has an accelerometer that always knows when you take a drink.
  • It is fully designed to fit easily in any bottle thanks to a special silicone band that’s attached to it.
  • It turns on/off – wakes up when you enter the room in the morning and turns off automatically when you turn the lights off for the night.
Wide Features of Ulla

First Impression

At first glance at this device, you might be skeptical about it, but you will also be curious about it. how does this little egg-like device do the trick? The ingenuity behind this device is commendable. You have six colors to choose from.

The device comes in a small box with an instruction booklet that shows you how it’s used or works. Even though it is splash resistant, it is important to note that the Ulla device is not water-resistant, be careful not to drop it into a cup filled with water or when it’s dropped in a dishwasher or your sink.

Drinking with Ulla at work

Ulla pricing and where to buy

The price is relatively cheap. The Ulla device comes at a price of $21 for one. You can order for yours by clicking on this link. This is the breakdown of the ordering options:

  • 1x Ulla – $21
  • 2x Ulla – $39 (Free Shipping Included)
  • 3x Ulla – $75 (Free Shipping Included)

Take advantage of the Warranty and Returns, because they want you to be satisfied with what you are paying for, they’ve added a 30-day return policy, just make sure you have the original pack and your receipt then you can always take it back if you aren’t satisfied with it and get a full refund.

The Pros of investing in the Ulla device

  • It requires no charging – you have one less charging to worry about.
  • It has a light reminder.
  • Perfectly fits any water bottle
  • Fully automated.
  • Comes with a battery that lasts 6 months.

The Cons of investing in the Ulla device

  • It doesn’t have an app.

Our Final Verdict

Judging by the role it plays in our lives, a water reminder is definitely one of the things that we need. It can be used in the office or at home every day. The Ulla device reminds you to take a sip of water even when you are really busy or distracted. So, I will give it our Spot the trends seal of approval.

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