Trekology Camping Table Review - With Aluminum Table Top

Trekology Camping Table Review - With Aluminum Table Top

We all know one of the things that you shouldn’t forget to pick while you go camping is a portable and effective camping table, I mean, picking the right camping table will definitely differ depending on what you’d want to do with it. Go ahead and read our Trekology Camping Table Review.

The Full Review

The first thing to hit you is the portability of the table, making it easy for you to carry/ take along with you, now you’ve got no excuse not to go with a table. There are three different sizes to pick from (the large, medium and small). Also, there are two colors to pick from (brown and aqua blue color), and this doesn’t change the fact that Trekology table comes with an aluminum top, so if you need a table to cook on, the Trekology’s aluminum material would suit that just fine. By the way, Many of the camping tables usually come with a standard color, right there is what makes the Trekology Camping table unique, trendy and stylish.  

The corners of the table make it capable of withstanding weights of up to 50 lbs. Also, the table is really durable for what it was built for. Depending on the size, the table can withstand all sorts of things. but I need to say this, don’t expect to use the small sized table to cook, it doesn’t work that way, that’s why it comes in different sizes. The small sized table measures over 16-inch.

table features

Set up and Portability

Setting it up is part of what makes it interesting. It is assembled in less than a minute, arguably, this is one of the easiest camping tables to set up. All you have to do is expand the base, flip it over the two bars (support bars), now, clip the table top into place. You can easily set the table up on your own. One other thing I’d like to talk about is the portability of the table. Compared to other camping tables, the Trekology is really great and scores higher. It is fairly light and still compact too. The medium size Table weighs 2.8 pounds.

Table sizes

The price

Looking at the value of the table, knowing it comes with an aluminum design, it won’t be a bias to say that the table is worth all the penny, especially when you compare it with some other camping tables that comes with an overly inflated price. In short, we believe that this table can definitely serve you well on your camping trip.

The Pros 

  1.    It is easy to set up – very easy.
  2.    The aluminum table top is waterproof and very easy to clean.
  3.    You have two colors to choose from.
  4.    It comes at a great price.

The Cons 

  1.    The bigger version can be quite heavy for packing


If you are interested and like to buy one, click on this link and get yourself one too.

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Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions and in general, what do you think about our Trekology Camping Table Review.

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