The Newest Outdoor Solar Powered Shower - The Review

The Newest Outdoor Solar Powered Shower - The Review

Ever heard of the Advanced Elements Gallon Summer Shower? This is the intricately designed portable shower which features a four l- layer construction, this portable shower comes with an easy but yet effective ‘on and off’ shower head. In this review, we will be looking this very capable and well-designed advanced Elements Solar Shower that simply warms the water from the heat from the sun. 

Before we go into the features, design, pros, and cons, let us do a quick 101 or the Advanced Element company. This company is known for designing and manufacturing different models of these amazing products. All the units have user-friendly features. The one we will be paying close attention to is the Summer Shower.

The gallon solar shower is so portable that it can easily be rolled up and stored in your backpack. This is one of the important things to take along when going camping. How amazing will it be to have that nostalgic shower like you are at home? In short, this shower is great for camping, talk about the portability, the lightweight effect it has, it weighs just 1.4 pounds. Making it perfect for carriage when going on that trip. And I can relate to considering the weight of our gears when traveling. No more carrying gallons of water in advance.

The Solar Powered Overview

Advanced Elements Solar Shower 3The summer shower can be moved around with ease. To make sure there is heat retention, the amazing product has been built with a four-layered construction. This construction features insulator panel, reflector panel, solar panel and not forgetting the water reservoir. It has an average of 4.5 from most of the reviewers that I came across on Amazon. This is a strong sign of quality. This is a highly recommended portable shower for those who are looking for that right outdoor solar shower designed to provide you with that relaxing hot water during shower time, with easy to assemble procedures. This is undoubtedly one of the best solar showers out there. It comes with 5-gallons capacity, an element solar shower which holds the capacity of giving you 2 showers. Not to sound patronizing, it could even give you a third shower and third full single refill. Let’s break the features down further.

The Shower Capacity

The Advanced Element 5 has a capacity of 5 gallons. Considering this, that simply means that filling the reservoir will take more time. With temperature gauge and a reflective mirror, harnessing the sun’s energy has never been easier. All you need is the device’s reflective surface and state of the art solar

The Large Filling Valve

You can easily fill up the reservoir making use of water from any source is possible, thanks to the large filling valve. The extra filling cap is capped using a twist cap. The cap allows you to fill up the water reservoir with water gotten from different source thanks to the twist cap. With the cap, water flow is prevented from overflowing out of the reservoir


What’s the use of such portable shower if it's not durable. Not been durable is one of the reasons many people run away from some devices. The Advanced Element is quite different. Thanks to the durable handle, it allows users to work with it and hang it on any location for a quick hot shower. Wherever you want. You can also hang the outdoor Solar Shower in different places, including a tree branch, your RV or tent. Just make sure it’s a place where the rubber handle can withstand.

The Reinforced Solar Panels

The reinforced panels add to the total durability of the Advanced Elements Summer Shower. It comes with thick reinforced panels (back and front). You have to be very careful with these panels are suppose to last for a while (they are meant to last for a long time)

Advanced Elements Solar Shower 4Let's speak about the Sunshine

Two of the features I’d like to talk about are the insulator and solar powered panels. The solar panels are known to heat up the water. All you have to do is fill up the portable camp shower’s reservoir with clean cold water. Once filled with water, place the portable shower in the sun and the temperature of the water will start rising depends on the sunlight strength.
For safety reasons, the unit level 5 is designed with a temperature gauge to ensure that the water does not overheat. But note, some of these showers don’t come with these temperature gauges.

The Shower on and off the head

Advanced Elements Solar Shower 2
One of the notable features of the portable shower is the on and off shower head. The shower head was designed to give you control when and how the water should pop out from the device. It's great if you want to control the volume of water that you use when showering.

Pockets for your Soaps and Shampoo

You don’t have to worry about where you’d keep your soap and shampoos. The device doesn’t just come with a very durable rubber handle, it also comes with pockets where you, as a user, can hold your soap and shampoo. Interestingly, the portable solar shower also comes with sports Velcro straps. For those who don’t know what this Velcro is, it is used to hold washcloths and some other item.

What we really like


The Outdoor Solar show has Velcro designed to help hold washcloths. See it more like the side pockets where you place your soaps and shampoo. The Velcro Strap is important as we both know that when it comes to taking your bath outside, there aren’t many places to place your clothes.

Side Pockets

The side pockets are places where you put your soaps and shampoos (if you’ve got one). You don’t want your soaps dropping on the floor? No one does! That’s why the side pockets are them to help you out.
Advanced Elements Solar Shower 1

Other things include the:

  1. The advanced Solar technology
  2. The buttons
  3. The 4 – layer construction
  4. Durable PVC


  • The Shower is easy to install and use
  • Comes with an effective long hose
  • Keeps a dry bag
  • It was designed with adequate heating features
  • It is lightweight


  • Useless without sunlight
  • You need to buy more than 1 item if you are more than 3 campers.


Ready to shower? You can get yours online on Amazon


Please let us know what did you think about our Outdoor Solar Shower Review on the comment below.


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