Tact Watch Review – An Affordable Tactical Watch?

Tact Watch Review

We’ve all heard of the Tactical watch (aka Military watches). But what else do we know about it? Well, the Tact Watch is a timepiece designed to be worn just like a wristwatch, it embodies that rugged look and yet incorporate those survival related features. Go ahead and read our Tact Watch Review.

Main Image of Tact Watch

A tactical watch is more than just an accessory; it’s a full-package gadget. So if you are looking for more than just a wristwatch, welcome on board. It comes with so many features that cover from connecting with your phone to monitoring your heart rate. The battery will last 33 months, ensuring you will always stay connected. The tactical watch should be your companion when you’re hiking, camping, training, working or for everyday use. When partaking in all of these activities, you need a tool that is as useful as your computer, smartwatch, pocket knife or your pair of boots.

Highlight of the Tact Watch


The Tactical watch comes with a built-in compass and GPS, this feature gives you a hold on where you are and your current direction. When you need to know the direction you’re headed to, you should have this watch that has this feature built in it. So, in case you are stranded on an ocean, this feature will help you know where the current of the ocean is taking you to. Other scenarios would be for hikers, mountain bikers and explorer. This feature of the tactical watch would navigate your way easily.


Battery live

Unlike other smart or tactical watches, you will never have to charge it on a daily basis: A very long Battery Life – up to 33 months!


Resistance, Design, and Durability

Ensure that you are buying a durable wrist watch. Purchase something that is scratch-resistant, can withstand any force and is water resistance, should have a long battery life and it should also be able to withstand depths of hundreds of feet in the water without cracks and scratches. Also, while taking any extreme sports activity, this is a perfect alternative to the normal fragile, expensive smartwatches.



If you need to have the perfect measure of time to be able to execute your objective with precision. Then, chronometer would be your perfect bet. The versatility of the Tact Watch is not bounded to just the navigational purposes, the precision you need also lies in the anti-magnetic property coupled with the adjustment knobs, both of which can help you be as precise as you ought to.   Read more about it on Wikipedia.

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The Best Tactical Watch so far?

It is one of the most versatile pieces you will find out there. If you want perfection at an affordable price, this Watch is your best bet.  It is not only helps you keep track of time, it also helps to remind you of your daily routine. The features of the Tact watch include:

  • A customizable clock interface – which allows you to customize the clock’s interface according to the most important data.
  • A smart sleep monitoring ability – Now you can learn to sleep well and live a healthier life.
    Fully Waterproofed – remember when we talked about a strong watch?
  • Calculate burnt Calories – With the Tact Watch, you can keep track of the number of calories you’ve burnt.
  • Motion Effect function – that Tact watch helps to keep track of your daily activities and monitor s you every motion.
  • Smart Heart rate Monitor – During your daily exercise, you can now check the real time heart rate to learn more about your progress.
Full Features of Tact Watch

Where to purchase Tact Watch?

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