Sonos Beam Review - The All-new Sonos Sound Bar

Sonos Beam Review - The All-new Sonos Sound Bar

Think of the Sonos Beam soundbar as the perfect combination of smartness and sound, all packed in one. Go ahead and read our full Sonos beam review.

Just like the Sonos one, this soundbar comes with the same smart home control features, coupled with voice assistant service and streaming service compatibility, the Sonos Beam Soundbar though has an edge with its wider stereo image, HDMI port that allows you to connect to your TV and a better Bass Response.

The First Impression

What’s interesting with Sonos is how unique their style is, the shape looks straightforward bold and no unnecessary add-ons. The Sonos beam is pretty compact with its width measuring 65cm and it also weighs over 2.7kg, it is relatively small and feels lighter, unlike the Playbar. You have the black and white color options to choose from, with its Touch controls such as volume up/down, play/pause, microphone mute and previous/next track, a LED that indicates the mute status and voice feedback, and the general status of the system. In general, it looks great style-wise compared to the Playbase and Playbar.

sonos beam1

Sound Quality

To know the sound quality, you need to test it with a movie or a song, something that requires real sound. To get a rich sound, you can connect it to your TV and watch an action movie, not just a TV program, of course, You need to test it with something great! To get Dolby Digital Signals, you will have to ensure that your TV is able to receive and send to the beam remotely. Dolby Digital signals make for a far better performance.

The System

We all know that been made by Sonos means it can act as a part of a system, with smart functionalities, it has an app that can be installed on your android, mac, and PC. This Compact Smart TV Sound Bar can be controlled with your voice thanks to its five far-field microphones that help to pick the sound up from every part of the room, whether far or near, the smart sound bar would pick it up. And blasting your favorite music won’t stop it from picking up your voice.

It has four full-range drivers, three passive radiators and one tweeter coupled with five class-D amplifiers. Just like what you have on the Playbase and Playbar, it has both radiators and drivers that are well positioned in front and the edges too, what this would do is to help circulate the sound across the room, making it sound like a surround system, and you get the kick of it.

Product features

Setting it up   

Setting up the Soundbar isn’t as hard as we think, and the more interesting part is solving the issue the previous Sonos system had with connecting with the TV because you could only connect with the TV via the digital optical link. Now you have the Simple HDMI cord to work with which is present in most of the TVs out there.

The Sonos Beam would use your TV’s HDMI ARC socket to control it. the arc will help the TV transfer the audio to the Sonos Soundbar, while the HDMI CEC is meant to take care of the power and volume.

sonos beam2


  •    This sound bar will come with a wireless, multiroom speaker.
  •    It will support Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer.
  •    The Sonos Beam can connect to any other Sonos product you have in your home.
  •    It supports AirPlay2, this allows you to have a multiroom system with product from the different manufacturer.
  •    Connects to your TV with ease, it also controls your TV with its Sounds too.
  •    HDMI ARC and CEC.


  1.    Impressive three-dimensional sound.
  2.    The design is compact and looks very stylish.
  3.    Comes with multiroom capabilities.
  4.    It is HDMI ARC compatible.
  5.    The Sonos beam has music streaming capabilities.


  1.    The Sonos app doesn’t support home theaters
  2.    It doesn’t come with Dolby Atmos.

Our verdict

I guess we all agree that it is not cheap, that doesn’t by no means change the fact that when you invest in buying one, you will be happy you did. The mid-range and high-frequency audio are so mild and clean. If you want one You can always get it online by heading to this page, it’s worth every penny.

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We hope you enjoyed our Sonos Beam review. Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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