Outdoor Gadgets 2019

Outdoor Gadgets 2019

The Newest Outdoor Solar Powered Shower - The Review

Ever heard of the Advanced Elements Gallon Summer Shower? This is the intricately designed portable shower which features a four l- layer construction, this portable shower comes with an easy but yet effective ‘on and off’ shower head. In this review, we will be looking this very capable and well-designed advanced Elements Solar Shower that simply warms the water from the heat from the sun. 

Gazelle Pop-Up Tent Review - The best Outdoor Tent?

The Christmas season is here, some families will definitely go camping. I recently went camping at the Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park, Edmonton. That was my first time there, thanks to Michelle, a colleague of mine who ‘preached’ the gospel of the camping to me. Thank God I took the advice, had memorable nights there, one of which is the reason why I’m writing this article right now. Alright, enough of me talk about enjoying my camping experience, let me share one of the positive highlights with you.

Trekology Camping Table Review - With Aluminum Table Top

We all know one of the things that you shouldn’t forget to pick while you go camping is a portable and effective camping table, I mean, picking the right camping table will definitely differ depending on what you’d want to do with it. Go ahead and read our Trekology Camping Table Review.

Iforrest Sleeping Pad Review - Self-Inflating with Armrest & Pillow

The Iforrest Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad with Armrest and Pillow – Super Comfortable Air Mattress for Camping and Hiking is one of the camping gears you shouldn’t leave home without. Tried and trusted, this sleeping pad has by far stood the test of time. Go ahead and read our full Iforrest Sleeping Pad Review.

G4Free Pop up Tent Review - Outdoor Automatic Instant Tent

Inflatable tent is your go-to solution when traveling or going to the beach, and since it takes just minutes to set up, you should try getting a big one like the G4Free Instant Tent. You can set it up with your eyes closed (literary speaking of course), and If you are not into setting up a pole tent, then, this tent is what you need. Go ahead and read our G4Free Pop up Tent Review.

Chillbo Baggins Air Sofa Review - An Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable loungers are a perfect accessory, excellent for days at the beach or backyard picnics. What stands the Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Hammock Air Sofa Pool out is the numerous features that comes with it. Here below you can find our Chillbo Baggins Air Sofa Review.


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