Mosquitron Review – The best Mosquito trap exist?


What does the Mosquitron actually do? It is a small catcher that emits a UV light attracting insects. It actually zaps the bugs with phototaxis wavelengths instead of just batting away at the bugs. They fall into the bottom of the catcher, where you can unscrew it and empty it out. It works on a USB power outlet, so it saves you the time of having to replace batteries and finding a wall outlet. It does not work on just mosquitos, as indicated by the name, but on a variety of bugs. Go ahead and read our Mosquitron Review.

Holding Mosquitron

The first Mosquitron Impression

I first tried the Mosquitron at home, though I bought it with the intention of using it while camping during the summer. I waited until it was darker outside (around dusk) and took it out of the package. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. It was very compact in the packaging, which is a plus for me because I know I will be able to slip it into any bag I pack for camping. Knowing that I would be going camping about two weeks after this product arrived, I wanted to test run it and make sure it worked. I set it up in my bedroom on the bureau, plugged it into my power bank (purchased way before I considered buying the Mosquitron) and let it run. Two days after, I turned it off to check the bug catcher at the bottom, and boy, was I surprised with how many bugs I found! At the same time, I was also impressed by how well the catcher seemed to work (especially since I was not aware that there were more than a few bugs around my house).

Pros of the Moquitron

Let it run for two or three days undisturbed before you clean it for the first time. From there, you should consider cleaning it once a week. You may be surprised at what (and how much) you catch! Also, always make sure you have a USB connection handy. It could be a laptop, a power bank, etc. and any USB works.


Moquitron's Specs and Features

  1. Only 17 cm X 13 cm 
  2. Voltage: 5V
  3. Range of Use: Up to 40 Meters
  4. Quick 2 Minutes Setup. Plug and Play
  5. 360-Degree UV Light Advanced Technology
  6. Portable—Use It Everywhere: Home, Office and Outdoor
  7. Plugs into Any USB-Device, Including Chargers and Mobile Cell Phones
  8. One Minute Clean
  9. 100% Non-Toxic Anti-Mosquito Device

Our Review

It is easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean and easily portable. Why didn’t I purchase this sooner? It will make your life a lot easier, I can promise you that. It is a lot healthier that bug sprays, and unlike bug sprays, the Mosquitron actually Kills bugs. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Where to buy the Mosquitron?

The Mosquitron can be found only online, at the original store. At the moment, it includes a 50% Discount and a Free Worldwide Shipping.

I hoped you enjoyed our Mosquitron Review. Please leave us an email if you have any questions about the product and our experience.