MemorySafeX Review – The Best Photo Backup Device?

MemorySafeX Review

The Bottom Line: MemorySafeX allows you to find and backup videos and pictures on your mobile phone in a quicker way than a cloud-based backup. It just requires a free app installation through the store and in a few minutes you can free up most of your phone storage. 

This product caught our attention after reading the positive reviews it got from users, and it was also featured in ADVFN, San Francisco Business Times, The Chicago Business Journal, MarketWatch and Wall Street, so of course, we had to test it out ourselves. For more details, read on for our review.

What is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is the newest and the fastest backup device for photos and videos, and designed to significantly improve the way we backup files to begin with. It looks like a small flash drive you can carry with your keys. Once you plug it in, it searches through all your device folders and finds documents, images and videos. It will quickly back them up to its internal storage, so you can free your device of endless photos in minutes. The MemorySafeX App will allow you to see the backup process, change your settings, and show all the files you’ve already backed up. In 2019, 84% of mobile users complained about full storage, slow phone operation and data failures. Our MemorySafeX review will help you understand why it happens and how you can fix it with this incredible little device. 

MemorySafeX Design

How Does MemorySafeX Work?

Here is the the best part of MemorySafeX: it was designed in a way that both tech savvies and technophobes alike will find it ridiculously easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the MemorySafeX App and launch it
  2. Plug in the MemorySafeX device
  3. Click on the “Backup Now” Button

That’s it! MemorySafeX will not scan your entire phone but will map your documents, photos and videos in order to perform the backup.

It will skip any duplicates to ensure it doesn’t eat up your storage space. Once your files are all backed up into the MemorySafeX device, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

Main Features of MemorySafeX

Compared to other backup devices, this review will focus on what is so unique about MemorySafeX:

  1. Automatically scans, skips duplicates and will save on storage space.
  2. Saves you money buying storage on the cloud (iCloud, Google Cloud etc.).
  3. Super Fast backup – incredibly large number of photos, videos or any type of file you define.
  4. Easy to connect MemorySafeX to your computer and browse your files anytime.
  5. Backup your files on-the-go.
  6. Find lost or hidden photos and videos in your phone sub folders.
  7. A true one-time investment solution for backing up.
  8. Works with any type of Android, iOS or Windows device.

Why choose MemorySafeX?

Fast and Automatic

You don’t have to waste your time saving your files on your PC or on the cloud. MemorySafeX is fast and easy. Just plug in to your mobile device and backup your files.

Supports all image formats

It supports almost all image formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, BMP, IBO, WebP, PDF, DOC, EPS, AI, PSD, INDD, and RAW. Plus, the size of the image doesn’t matter, it will still safely back them up.

All in one click

You don’t need any sophisticated external software to use this device. All you have to do is download the free App from the Google Play or iOS App Store and hit “Go.” You don’t even need to create an account or select files manually, since it serves as an iOS Flash Drive for both iOS and Android. All you have to do is let the flash do the job for you.

It’s Easy to use

As we’ve said earlier, the MemorySafeX needs absolutely no extra hardware to perform its function, once you have your mobile device and your MemorySafeX you are good to go. 

Does not require an internet connection

You don’t need an internet connection to backup your files. You can be in the middle of the sea, in your basement, trekking in the mountains or even in outer space. The MemorySafeX will work perfectly with any Android, iOS or Windows device.


Will find Anything

The MemorySafeX can store over 60,000 photos and videos! If you have unforgettable memories that you want to keep, this drive will do just that. You’ll be amazed how many photos are hidden in your device that were never backed up before.

Automatically skip duplicates

Sometimes we mistakenly duplicate a file while backing it up, which can get so irritating when viewing it, more importantly when you want to sort every file out. But the MemorySafeX skips any duplicated file that you’ve saved on it, helping you free up more space.

Why do you really need the MemorySafeX?

  • Efficiency
    Going through your mobile phone to find memorable photos could take hours, while the MemorySafeX flash can quickly scan your mobile phone with just one click.
  • Saves You Money
    Photo organizing software would cost you more but won’t do anything about keeping these files safe. MemorySafeX costs less and does more than just keeping your files safe, it also helps you sort out your files without any pricey cloud storage.
  • Speeds up your phone
    Phones that are full of files will inevitably run slower, and the best proven way to optimize your phone is to delete the enormous amount of files you’ve stored on it. You’ll notice the difference immediately after the MemorySafeX has finished backing everything up.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in finding all your files, backing them up and speeding up your phone, then the MemorySafeX is definitely for you. Plus, its easy operation means anyone is able to use it. 

Where to buy MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is available only through the manufacturer’s website. It is currently on a 50% discount (while supplies last). The company is also offering free worldwide shipping.

The Current Price including Shipping is only $59 for 1 device. The price reduces if you buy more than one. (Down to $32/device)

Please let us know in a private message if you have any questions/comments and what you think about our MemorySafeX Review.