Iforrest Sleeping Pad Review - Self-Inflating with Armrest & Pillow

Iforrest Sleeping Pad Review - Self-Inflating with Armrest & Pillow

The Iforrest Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad with Armrest and Pillow – Super Comfortable Air Mattress for Camping and Hiking is one of the camping gears you shouldn’t leave home without. Tried and trusted, this sleeping pad has by far stood the test of time. Go ahead and read our full Iforrest Sleeping Pad Review.

As you go for camping you need a sleeping pad that will provide you with the warmth you need as you rest, the armrest and pillow will ensure that you don’t feel strained as you lay on it. This is one self – inflating pad that optimizes size, comfort, and weight to fit the needs of those that love the feel of nature. This 1.2 thick sleeping pad offers you the real comfort and warmth all in one 2.25 pounds package. It offers you the ultimate support. No matter the weather or conditions, it still remains the same, the durability is never in doubt. Meanwhile, the pad is no burden when packing for your next camping, so no wonder it’s a favorite outdoor product.


So, let’s dive right into the features. Let’s take an in-depth look at its design, durability, warmth, comfortability and some other important things about this product.

The Iforrest pad is designed to keep you warm wherever you go or chose to rest. Think it’s hard to get a quality night rest when you go camping? well, that because you didn’t go with the right sleeping pad. It’s easy to pack everywhere you go.The Iforrest sleeping pad is portable enough to carry in your backpack and can also stretch out enough to fit both young, old, short and tall. Still talking about the size, it weighs 2.2 pounds, provides you with the adequate comfort you need to sleep well for the night. You really don’t have to worry about not getting enough space to keep yourself warm at night in the cold since its spacious enough. It’s a sleeping pad that measures 77” x 26” x 1.2 inches to 2 inches. I guess you now believe me when I say it’s really spacious. The size is really encouraging.


The Iforrest Sleeping Pad was made with a quality material. So, you are not just buying a sleeping pad that will last one night but many years.  A lot of reviewers commended its quality. It also comes with a vinyl plastic repair sticker in case you have a hole in it while hiking or camping. You get a foot extra in length, side, and back. The main pad right there in the center self-inflates just by opening a valve at the foot end and even though the side and pillow need to be inflated manually, it still fills very fast. Deflating is still pretty fast too. And you need not worry about what surfaces you need to put it on as it tests well on concrete floors. Still amazing how it moves so fast from being a spacious bed to a rolled-up mattress, you can then put it in your carrying case.

different colors


  • It easily compresses.
  • Optimizes comfort and warmth
  • Very portable


Whether you a hiker or a camper, you can sleep easy on the Iforrest Sleeping pad and wake up feeling comfortable. Click on this link to order one for yourself. 

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