Gazelle Pop-Up Tent Review - The best Outdoor Tent?

Gazelle Pop-Up Tent Review - The best Outdoor Tent?

The Christmas season is here, some families will definitely go camping. I recently went camping at the Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park, Edmonton. That was my first time there, thanks to Michelle, a colleague of mine who ‘preached’ the gospel of the camping to me. Thank God I took the advice, had memorable nights there, one of which is the reason why I’m writing this article right now. Alright, enough of me talk about enjoying my camping experience, let me share one of the positive highlights with you.

I’m not into packing stuff or even knowing what to pack when I travel or go camping. Should I then say I stumbled upon the tent I took with me – obviously, it was. Anyways, the Gazelle Pop-Up Tent made it to the top of the list for me.

The Gazelle Pop-Up Tent reminds you of the collapsible ice-fishing houses – smiles! It’s pretty unique, and setting it up was pretty fast. So, read on to know the full review.

The Full Tent Review

gazell popup tent 1
From the mind of Eskimo shelters who make collapsible blinds and ice fishing houses, the Gazelle pop tent one of those tents that’s a result of borrowed features. The technology enables the Gazelle Pop-up tent easy to set up coupled with a spacious room that fits four people – making it a four-person tent.

The whole design rests on a collapsible frame that has the tents attached to it tightly. This makes the whole things fold in a huge bundle. I remember setting it up, the process was pretty easy, I mean unfolding it, staking the tent down, had to pull out each side, and bam! Popping up the roof. I didn’t really time myself for this, but it took me about five minutes – don’t laugh! It would have been less if I had an extra hand, plus… I didn’t get the steps. A pro would have set the tent up in two minutes.

The Design (Space)

gazell popup tent 2
A tent is not complete if it's not spacious. The Gazelle Pop-Up Tent according to Gazelle (the company that produces the tent) is a spacious one – they’ve got a witness on that. It was really spacious, would have been better if I had gone with my friends (shhh, I went alone). It has a 40 square-feet of floor space – felt like my own palace, this thing is huge!! It also comes with 68 inches of headroom, that means, if you are 6 ft tall, you will be able to stand up in this tent without having to bend.

The tent was advertised as been spacious enough for three to four people but trust me, this tent that I was in could fit five or six, and you will still have space to keep your camping gears. What gives it that extra space is the convex walls…These walls give the tent that extra space. The tent came with two doors on each side, that means you don’t have to queue to leave the tent – anyone and everyone can get in and out at any time.

The Mass

gazell popup tent 3
I know this isn’t as important as knowing about the features and all. But I think its still worth talking about. This gazelle tent was easy for me to move down to the campsite. I had no problem doing that. The interesting thing about this tent is that it has a complete detachable floor panel. You will also love how easy it is to move around. At only 27.5 lbs, the tent packs up comfortably into a 68-inch duffle carry bag (according to the description on their product page here). Unlike the hub tent, the pop-up tent is easy to carry over a long distance.

The weight of the tent makes it comfortable and it's not just a car camping only tent, setting up your tent in few minutes (again, I meant 2 minutes, not my 5 minutes) makes the tent a gem. Just chill as others struggle to set up their tent, with poles and rainfly causing a problem for my fellow camping mates.

Notable features

A sturdy Pop-up Hub design
The tent comes fully assembled and pops up fast thanks to the innovative design. The hubs used are all-metal, solid fiberglass poles that give the overall tent a solid structure.

Durable YKK Zippers
The zippers used on this tent are rugged and reliable.

Rainfly w/integrated poles.
The tent has a waterproof rainfly with taped seams included with each tent. The integrated poles insert into each corner before popping up the roof of the tent. If you are a fan of viewing the stars at night, then, you can let off the roof at night for that great view at night.

Removable Floor
The Gazelle Pop-Up Tent has a removable floor. The rugged floor is made of polyester, held strongly in place by a thick strip of hook and loop tape surrounding the tent’s interior. You can quickly remove the loop tape to shake out sand and dirt.

gazell popup tent 4

My thought

You can always take my word for it as this is coming from someone who used this tent. Basically, my thoughts on this tent are totally positive. I’m not a gear expert, but when it comes to fishing out a quality product, I’m an expert. Moreover, my experience was a positive one throughout my camping. I had no issue with setting the tent up, the space of the tent and adapting to the weather elements. Above all, this tent is a perfect tent for family campers, solitary campers (like myself), festival junkies, and hunters too. The features of the tent make the price worth it.


  • Very well built.
  • The pop-up feature makes it easy to set up
  • The material used for the tent is very strong – you don’t have to worry about rain
  • The height is good enough that been 6’1”won't bar you from fitting into the tent comfortably


Would have given the tent a 9 out of 10 if not for the lack of properly designed ventilation. Their tent has windows, but I think there is still need for more ventilation made around the tent.

Price of the Gazelle Tent

The price of the tent ranges from the sizes of the tents. For the T3 3-person Tent, it costs $209.98. the T4 4-person Tent costs $238.99. the T4+ 4-8-person costs $319.08. To get yours, go to their product page here.

Please tell us if you liked, or have any comments about our Gazelle Pop-Up Tent Review below in the comments section. 

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