Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review - The Best Instant Camera?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review - The Best Instant Camera?

Instant film cameras have revolutionized the film photography industry. It used to be about digital cameras in the late 90s. A lot of us thought Digital Camera would be the apex of it all. But with the emergence of instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, we are starting to see a better way to save our unforgettable moments. Here below you can find our Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a perfect polaroid – style instant camera. This camera has the advanced features that you’d want to see in a new camera, rather, the simplicity in style and basic features that you’d expect from an instant camera. This is one of the best-selling instant cameras on the market right now and has dethroned its successor, the ever-popular Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.

How does it work?

Pretty simple, the instant film cameras are an amazing toy – like gadgets. They are simple to use, and once you snap a picture you will get a printed photo on the spot. What Fujifilm have tried to do is to turn things around with this model. The improved features are not much when you compare it to the previous one, it's just the color selection and a close-up lens that comes with it.

Design and style

The Instax Mini 9 camera has a close-up lens attachment, a set of batteries, a matching strap that comes with it, but the instant film will be gotten separately. With its large button, weighty look, and color selection, it makes for a very fancy gadget. Talking about colors, do you know the Instax Mini 9 comes in five variant colors; the Ice blue, Smoky white, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, and Cobalt Blue. You probably would want to make sure you get a strap to make sure you don’t let it drop by accident.  

The light meter will suggest to you which setting you need to pick, one factor that helps decide this is the ambient light. So, if its dark, it will suggest indoor, the opposite is what happens when you’re outside. It picks from the four major settings that are tweaked by the brightness adjustment dial. Cloudy, Very Sunny, Indoors and Sunny, these are the four main settings I talked about. The rear has few features that one can talk about, it has an uneven surface which allows you to rest your thumb properly and a large door that protects your film and the film counter.

The look of the camera

The Features of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

  • It has a built-in flash that shoots irrespective of the brightness settings you’ve chosen, coupled with a light meter (I’m referring to the two holes that are right in front) which helps to measure the intensity of the ambient light.
  • There is a small mirror that’s placed on one side of the lens. what this small mirror does is that it helps you frame your face for that memorable selfie.
  • An optical viewfinder and a recessed shutter button that’s within your reach to snap that moment.
  • The film ejection slot is located at the top of the Instax Camera, this is where you film comes out from after you’ve taken a photo.

The Film

Remember we didn’t talk much about the film except for when I said it doesn’t come attached to the Instax Mini 9. What makes the Fujifilm thick is the film styles, design, and colors, that is why it’s fun to use. There are lots of films to choose from. you have the Candy pop film, Stained glass, Airmail Film, Shiny Star, Comic Book Film amongst other films.

How it’s used

There is really nothing complicated about this camera, its pretty straightforward, from the part where you load the film in, to taking a shot, hardly will you find a camera that allows you do this with ease. When you get the Instax Mini 9, the first thing to do is to take out the camera and insert the new AA alkaline batteries. You need to make sure its alkaline batteries and not reusable, half-charged batteries. If you use any other battery apart from the alkaline batteries, it will not function properly, the reusable battery cannot power the flash.

Camera and film

The Price

With just over $50 you can get one of this Instax. Considering the basic features, it surely won’t be a waste of money. To get one for yourself, just click on the link here, it will take you to the product page on Amazon where you can order one for yourself.


  • Has more features than its predecessors.
  • The new camera settings have been reduced to four.
  • You can now take selfies with an Instant Camera.

Our Verdict.

This is a great camera at a great price. Let the world of Megapixels rest and focus more on the moment.


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