Echo Sub Review - Even Amazon Wasn’t Expecting This

Echo Sub Review - Even Amazon Wasn’t Expecting This

One of the main problems people had with the Amazon Echo was that it didn't sound good enough. I guess Amazon heard this and had to do something about it, and truth be told, they’ve done something about it. Here is Spot the trend’s Amazon Echo Sub Review.

What the Amazon Echo Sub is?

After a successful year of Echo sales, Amazon has released a new generation of speakers in different sizes (Tiny Dots to Echo plus), remember we talked about the sound quality of the Echo plus, they improved it but you still can’t rock that sound, so, they came up with the Amazon Echo Sub.

So, basically, the Echo sub is not a standalone device, it needs the Echo or an Echo Plus for it to function properly. if you’d like to use it with the Echo Dot, feel free, it works perfectly with that too.

The Design

Once out of the box, the Echo sub looks like a large version of the Second-Generation Echo Plus. But its just a pillbox covered with cloth and wrapped around it is a matte plastic top. While it's powered by a 100 watts amplifier that rocks a 6-inch woofer, it also measures 8 inches in height and 8.3 in diameter. It is rated from 200Hz down to 30Hz and depending on the device you pair it with, it has the Alexa app handling the crossover.  It can be placed on the floor or any flat surface in your home.

Setting the Echo Sub Up

Setting it up is quite easy, all you need to do is plug in the power cord and bam! Then the magic starts with the Alexa App just like the same as the other Echo Device. It won’t do anything unless you pair it with another “compatible” Echo Device, what it really does is to provide the needed bass thanks to the 6-inch woofer which was built into it. to get the best quality out of it, you should place it at the center of the soundstage rather than placing it in a corner, especially when you connect it to Echo Speakers.

Features of product

Is it really worth it?

If you’ve got echo speakers then you will understand the sound quality is not top-notch, it wasn’t built for that anyway, but you can change that, the only job the Echo Sub does is to add that extra bass which of course you know it’s quite important if you are a music lover like myself. In short, it provided that needed quality to your music. So, is the performance of the Echo Sub really worth every penny? Yes, it does! Its no crime to invest in a music system, and you can always start with the Echo Sub.


  • It is compact and very nice looking.
  • The Bass is surprisingly great.
  • The quality is impressive.


  • You can’t connect it to your TV just the Echo Speakers.
  • It only comes in one color.

In Short

If you want to enhance the bass of your echo speaker and turn it to a party rocking device, then it is definitely worth buying. You can order yours here.


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