Echo plus 2nd Generation Review - All-new Echo Plus

Echo plus 2nd Generation Review - All-new Echo Plus

Compared to its predecessor, the 2nd generation is an important improvement quality – wise. The Second-generation Echo Plus would be released on the 11th of October. It is totally smaller than the previous version, it has a built–in temperature sensor and a large 3 inches woofer. So what's the buzz around this product? We are here to find out. Here is our Echo plus 2nd Generation Review.

Of all the Echo and Alexa product range of the smart – home products that Amazon came out with this year, the most interesting of them all is by far the Echo plus. This can – like the shaped smart device is filled with a whole lot of features and a refined Echo capability. I’m talking about better audio processing, a new improved far – field microphone tech and enhanced smart – home features.

The New Look

You know the previous Echo plus had a trademark tall, can – like, industrial design and the visible speaker grills. Talking about the new version features an attractive mesh fabric mesh that makes it look homelier. Rather than having a physical volume dial that the old version came with, the new one now has a buttons on the top face, two different control volume, one for muting the speaker and the other an “action button” that allows you to call Alexa.

The new version Echo plus looks shorter, with dimensions of just 148 x 99 x 99 mm compared to the first generation whose dimension was 235 x 84 x 84 mm. It now weighs just 780 g – few grams less than the old one.

It has this sci-fi feel to it, around the rim is a LED ring that flashes blue when Alexa hears your wake word or when she speaks to you, it has the usual power port, 3.5 mm AUX port that allows you to link to external headphones and speakers. You have three different color options to choose from, charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone color.

Final to the few changes that you might not pay attention too, includes the Amazon logo that was moved from the main body to the underside of the speaker, unlike the microphone symbol that was used for the mute button has now been changed to a crossed circle.

alexa set temperature


The second-generation has a built–in Zigbee hub that easily set up and control your compatible smart home devices, also, an improved sound quality for streaming your music playlist. Through the action button or voice command, you can play music, read the news, set alarms, check the weather, control compatible smart home devices, call anyone amongst other things.  Amazon’s voice–activated Alexa smart assistant is one of the main reasons why people purchase the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Did we mention that the Alexa Skills allows you to download more improved features and capabilities tailored to meet your needs? and the best part is these features are absolutely free.


A great improvement when compared to the previous version, this new Echo Plus now has come with new premium speakers that are powered by Dolby play 3600 audios with clear vocals and a dynamic response, seven distinct microphones designed for picking up your various whims and voice commands. The edge Echo plus has over all the other Echo range is the sound quality.

What makes it smart?

Of all the descriptions and details we’ve given so far nothing speaks about its smart functionalities, so, what makes it smart? How does it connect to the rest of your smart devices?

You’ve all heard of Zigbee, talked about it earlier, it’s a smart interface that allows you to connect the speaker to a whole lot of smart devices that would normally not connect to an Echo Device. The smart speaker acts as a smart hub for your cameras, smart watches, bulbs and thermostats. They would be under the control of your Echo Plus speaker, and would be commanded by Alexa via the app or via voice control. Some smart devices usually have Echo Plus bundled with them for free!

product image bass and audio

Echo plus (2nd generation) – The Verdict

Clearly, the first Echo was a breakthrough in the Smart industry, but the new Echo plus brought something new and different to the whole game, extending its reach further than it was before with the previous Echo Smart Speaker. the Alexa powered speakers work as expected and at that price and improved functionalities would make buying it a great deal for anyone.



It has an improved audio quality

Finds it difficult to catch the ear of audiophiles

An attractive fabric design


It has a temperature sensor built into it.



If you want to get one for yourself, you can order now by clicking on this link.


If you would like to read more on similar products visit our Smart Home category.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions/comments and in general, what do you think about our Echo plus 2nd Generation Review.

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