Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review - Most Advanced Smart Speaker?

Alright, without mixing words and sounding bias, the new Echo Dot Smart Speaker is a lot better than the last one (its predecessor). You can now go ahead, switch the old version to the new one. When you talk about style, work, and of course sound, the new Echo Dot Smart Speaker Stands out. Read our Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review.

The Impression

What really makes the new Echo Dot look great and appealing is the design, looks bigger, sound better thanks to the makeover it seems to have gotten. Compared to the last Echo Dot that sounded like a speaker placed in a can (that annoying buzz), the new model, on the other hand, is totally different, loud, clear and fills the room. Now listening to Alexa read out an audiobook, working on your music playlist down to the weather report, everything just sounds right with Alexa. Speaking more on the new look, the new Dot has a wider base that is treated with a sort of tough, grippier spread of anti–slide silicon. The top still has the same array of four control buttons like the previous one, and still, all the fours are next to a pin sized microphone hole and it’s quite larger too.

The full body of the speaker is laid with a fabric (heather gray, sandstone, charcoal). hopefully, maintaining this one will be easier because dirt wise it seems to look like the Homepad which would pick up stains easily. There seems to be a change in the power connector, unlike the micro-USB port that was used in the previous version, the New Dot now comes with a new power connection, We’re talking about a small cylindrical DC power tip coupled with a rounded wall plug.

The Sound

We would not have touched this area if we were reviewing the old version because sound wise the old one is not that great. But, as we said earlier, the new Echo Dot sounds better, and considering the size, the quality of the sound is quite impressing. From the treble, clarity, vocal timbres and a much more low-end response and to top it all, is pleasant to listen to.

If kept in a bigger room, you can actually take advantage of the speaker’s (New Echo Dot) ability to pair with another unit to create that stereo pair, it’s the best way to fill a large room with sound. The bass and treble can be adjusted by making use of voice commands. The bass still needs to be worked on, but you can do this yourself by adding Amazon’s Echo Sub, this will restore the bass that’s missing.

Lastly, on the sound of the New Echo Dot, you can connect Dot’s audio to a larger speaker via a Bluetooth or the 3.5mm audio cable, but you might not need to do all these since the speaker’s sounds right. The new Echo Dot sounds better and sets a higher standard. No doubt that paying attention to the sound quality was a good move by Amazon.

Alexa - Next Meeting

Features of the Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

The control still remains the same, and Alexa works with tons of smart home devices. Right beneath the fabric hood is the single 1.6-inch speaker that feels like a surround system. A great improvement compared to the last one that uses a tiny speaker.  The main functionality of the Dot on this speaker is still the same, right inside the hockey puck-shaped is Alexa, the voice that helps you answer questions, provide you with the latest news, weather report, making phone calls, set kitchen timers and more.

With Alexa, you can control your smart home devices, from your lights, locks, cameras, to your video doorbells, Alexa controls everything. Bottom line is, if it’s a smart device, you can control it. The New Alexa App is user-friendly and easy to set up, so, connecting to your device is quick.

Eco Dot playing music

How to set it up Eco Dot?

Ok, this is quite the same as the old one, it usually comes with your account registered to it and you can request not to add your account to it at the point of purchase. And if you are an Android or iOS user, you will need to download the app (the Alexa app) to your mobile phone, then sign in to your Amazon account. The app makes it easy to add new devices, with just one click you can select the Echo speaker and the New Echo Dot will be ready for use.



it is loud and has a rich sound

You need to add an external subwoofer to get the best bass response

It’s still affordable


New look


A clear call quality


Improved Alexa app



Our verdict

No doubt, with the 90 – day warranty, surprising sound quality of this device and the fact that it is totally affordable, we say yes you should buy it. This is by far the best smart speaker on the market right now. To get this product you can click on this link here.

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We hoped you enjoyed our Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review. Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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