Easehold Make Up Mirror Review - Tri-Fold Led Mirror

Easehold Make Up Mirror Review - Tri-Fold Led Mirror

The EaseHold LED Vanity Mirror Make Up reminds you of a professional dressing room mirror with its perfect light. Easehold Vanity is your go-to mirror when you need one to see every detail up close with the right light to help you fix all your makeup flaws, especially where you haven’t touched. read our Easehold Make Up Mirror Review.

As the name implies, the Vanity Mirror Make Up comes with a LED mirror that folds open giving you three levels of magnification. add that to the 3 different angles it offers for that perfect wholesome view. With this Easehold LED Vanity Mirror Makeup, you can separate your eyelashes, tweeze your eyebrows, and work with ease when adding the foundation to make your face look perfect. The LED light is adjustable to suit your environment with its brightness no matter the time of the day. Works perfectly well with both USB cords and batteries.



  • overall

It is a lighted makeup Mirror that comes with 3 panels, just as we’ve said earlier, these 3 panels ensure that you get a wide-angle viewing enabling you to see your facial features properly while you apply your make up better.

  • Design

The Easehold LED Vanity Mirror is one that comes with 21 pcs built-in lights that give you great assistance, it’s a perfect mirror that you can use in the dark thanks to its powerful lighting. The LED light is controlled by the touch sensor switch placed on the mirror screen.

It is a Tri-fold design, you can easily fold it up and take along with you, folds just like a notepad. This design makes sure it is protected from dust or scratch when not in use.

The mirror can stand stably by itself on any smooth surface you place it on. If you also look closely, the base of the mirror can also act as a form of holder for your jewelry or cosmetics like earrings, watch or any other accessory that you own, so far as it’s not a big one. So, it acts as a mirror and a holder at the same time.

  • Power and Lighting

It is USB chargeable, it can also be powered by 4pcs AAA battery. Note that this battery does not come with the Vanity Mirror when purchased. To adjust the brightness of the LED light, press the central touch sensor for a few seconds, that will allow you to adjust it to the level you want it to be.

180 swivel and storage space


  • The Easehold LED Vanity Mirror Make Up supports 180 free rotation for an upward and downward direction.
  • You can change the light’s brightness by holding on the center touch sensor for more brightness.
  • The lighting is both battery and USB operated – you can also power it by plugging the USB cord into the PC.
  • It is easy to maintain and large
  • The Bottom is detachable
  • The batteries last enough for you not to buy it often.


  • It is delicate


It comes at an affordable price (less then 30$) if you consider the great features and the positive reviews it has been gathering over time, with a lot of people rating it high. With a 4-star rating on different buying platforms, we totally recommend you getting one.

led and weight

Our verdict

This Easehold product is one built to make sure regular ladies’ business before stepping out is done with ease. The lighting is great compared to other mirror make up, its powerful enough to do the job perfectly, a right lighting element, gives you a soft evening lighting that lights your face up and spreads evenly across your face so you don’t need an external light source.

It has gathered a whole lot of review everywhere. Featured as No 1 bestseller in Vanity Mirror. We recommend you to buy the Easehold LED Vanity Mirror by going to Amazon where it is sold for less than $30. 

if you are interested you can get yours here.

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We hoped you enjoyed our Easehold Make Up Mirror Review. Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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