Drone X Pro Review - The Best Selfie Drone Exist?

Drone X Pro Review - The Best Selfie Drone Exist?

Once upon a time when taking selfies used to be something you do with one arm stock out, it moved to take selfies with a selfie stick, but things have evolved, now with the Drone X Pro, you have not just a drone, you have a drone capable of taking memorable selfies that would keep people wondering the time and resources you spent in taking a selfie from such crazy angles. So what's the buzz around this drone? We are here to find out. Here is our Drone X Pro Review.

What’s the new Drone X Pro

This is one of the latest drones in town which would make sure everybody gets in the frame. With this drone, you are sure of taking that perfect selfie that you’ve always craved for.

It all began when two German engineers found out that the drones they had at that point were very bulky, and more importantly, it was difficult to move along. So, they decided to create a drone that would not only fly in the sky, it will be light, and definitely, make it more portable and in addition to that maintain its great quality of a great drone.

Imagine a drone that is very easy to control, manipulate and as well as a live stream and send records to your mobile devices – how cool is that?

Why the buzz around this drone?

  • A 6-axis Gyro self-stabilization technology
  • 3D Flips and Rolls that allows for agile movement and a precise positioning
  • A headless mode breakthrough remote control technology
  • Take 4K videos and selfies in amazing positions
  • A Wi-Fi FPV Easy Smartphone controls
  • Altitude hold stable flight and steady landing
  • Quick “Return to home” button.

The fuzz of the drone comes from the price, camera, and portability. A drone that comes with a foldable rotor (that way you can just slide it in your bag). With an amazing hovering capability, a drone designed to perfection, and anyone, I mean anyone can fly it.

The moment you realize that flying this drone is not the problem, add that to an amazing 4k video camera, I think you should be more worried about looking for that amazing spot to capture an unforgettable moment of your life. Basically, you should fully concentrate on taking amazing pictures, film the wild or your friends in HD. Officially, the quality videos are in 4K and results can be stunning if you are lucky with a good weather.

The drone is made with an Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) – what in the world is that? Well, to break that down for you, the ABS material is simply a common thermoplastic polymer used in the 3D manufacturing industry and in OEM part production. That makes the drone have a:

  • Strong impact resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Have a high tensile strength
  • Shock absorbance
  • Strong heat resistance

Imagine a drone with such strength and yet feels very light? How this drone still sells for less than a $100 still baffles me.

So, how does it work?

Setting it up the Drone X Pro after purchase is one of the easiest things you will find yourself do, but first, you have to install an app on your device by manually scanning a QR code that you will find on the manual. Once the app is installed, you plug in the battery, connect your phone to the drone and launch the app (that you installed earlier). Then in no time, you are ready to fly your drone.

You really don’t have to worry yourself about how to control the drone, the second easiest thing after setting up the drone is controlling it, in no time you will get used to the controls. This cheap drone will do exactly what other, much more expensive drones do.

Once you are able to get hold of the control, it’s time to test the camera that comes with it. You see what thrilled us about the drone wasn’t just because of how it’s capable of making a 360º maneuvering, that’s just one of it, what stuns us most about the drone is how one can capture amazing moments with its camera. You can also take videos from any angle – amazing right?

Using the remote control

Drone X Pro Controller
It is easy to calibrate the gyro settings by the remote control itself, or by resetting the drone’s phone application. Through the app, the process is really simple. All you have to do after connecting the drone with your phone is to go to Main > Settings and press the Calibrate flashy Icon. The Drone’s LED will flash three times and you are set to go.


Flying time

It is maybe one of the most, requested, features buyers check and take into consideration when shopping around a new Drone to buy. The Drone X pro Flying time is 12 Minutes long on average. It depends also on the way you operate the drone. One example can be the resistance to side or front winds, which consumes more of your battery life, but if you “fly with the wind”, it will save energy and the flying time will increase. Takeoffs also decrease flight time as it requires more energy, as cars in first-gear.

Flight Modes

While we were testing our small Drone X Pro we’ve discovered few, cool flight modes:

  • Full Manual Flight Mode - Recommended for Skilled operators who can fly near objects with minimal risk of crashing.
  • Altitude Hold - If you want to keep the same altitude although wind can be unstable, use this mode. It can be treated as a semi-manual mode.
  • Safe Flight- You can tell the drone not to pass X Meters so your device won’t go beyond it (Great for kids!). So while your kids (or girlfriend) cannot let the drone go away, it can also avoid being hit by trees or crashing suddenly to the ground.
  • Auto Return to Home - In this flight mode, the drone will find his way back. According to the sensors and signals received from the control device, the distance is being calculated and obstacles will be avoided until Drone X will land at your feet.

Oh, yea great, so what’s the price?

The Drone X pro is one of the affordable drones you can lay your hands on out there, but don’t deceive by that, as the drone is not cheap in quality.

If you want to buy this amazing drone online, you will get it for nothing less than a hundred dollars. Just click on this site here.


Where to buy my Drone X Pro?

Well, that’s pretty simple, all you have to do is follow this link, they offer a 50% discount and a free delivery.

For more products check out our Useful Gadgets category.


Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions/comments and in general, what do you think about our drone x pro review.

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  • how does drone photography work
    how does drone photography work Tuesday, 08 January 2019 23:37

    The flight time for the Air is up to 21 minutes.

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  • Dafna
    Dafna Sunday, 25 November 2018 09:10

    How to synchronize the joystick device to the Android phone? What is the bluetuth address?

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  • Carlos Nevin
    Carlos Nevin Monday, 15 October 2018 01:03

    I believe the designers are more accurately identified as Norwegian, although Germany is located on the same side of the hemisphere.

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  • Rubit
    Rubit Sunday, 14 October 2018 21:25

    #DroneX: on the picture in the article I see that the display device is below a joystick device. Does the latter ship with the drone or has it to be purchased extra?
    If so, what's your recommendation?

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  • JO Jumbe
    JO Jumbe Sunday, 14 October 2018 12:47

    Want more news on breaking technologies

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  • Mike
    Mike Sunday, 30 September 2018 11:32

    Can this drone follow on MTB trails?

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