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xOne Smartphone Review

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Introducing the : the affordable smartphone that stands out among the best! It’s the same every year: big tech brands like Apple and Samsung debut their newest smartphones and millions of people around the world go crazy to get their hands on the newest, biggest, most powerful model with all the latest features. However, they …

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Tactic Air Drone Review – The latest 2019’s Surprise

Let’s start with the bottom line: Tactic Air Drone comes with a 4K HD camera perfect for capturing memories quickly and efficiently. What is it? A small drone that is collapsible for easy storage, with photo and video editing software built-in… at a price of $99.

Follow me Mode - Tactic Air Drone

What to expect from the Tactic Air Drone?

A dual-camera drone with a smart follow me mode that lets you control your private photographer with gestures to take photos or start a video so you can just enjoy yourself and give your gadget the sign when it’s time to capture a memory. You can, say, flash a peace sign and take a selfie with the drone. Or if you’re at an event and need the film to start rolling, you can trigger it to start recording. You can set up different gestures to set off different functions.

The drone is portable. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also foldable so you can take it with you in your backpack with the controller. You can extend your drone to flying position when it’s time to take flight and take to the skies.

We Tested the Tactic Air Drone Joystick

And this thing handles well in the air. It’s light with strong engines to keep it soaring. The drone has flight stabilization to keep your photos and videos smooth. You can control the drone with the remote, and navigate using the camera display that features full screen, picture-in-picture, and split-screen viewing options. The remote is complete with dual sticks.

If you want a more hands-off approach, look no further. This drone can be set to follow you around and photograph or record video at a distance. Kinda like an event photographer from the future. Drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology has come far enough to make the private flying photographer an affordable option for anyone. Th smart follow me mode lets the drone follow you and take photos or videos on command. The drone will navigate obstacles while using active cameras to keep the subject in focus.

Tactic Air Drone App Review

Part of what makes the Tactic Air Drone so good at following you around is optical flow positioning. Optical flow positioning is a feature where the drone uses a downward camera to provide feedback that lets the engine and flight controller make adjustments to maintain its position. This is another technology that was only available on incredibly expensive drones that have now made it to this affordable model.

The dual cameras record 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) video. The 4K resolution contains four times as many pixels as a 1080p full HD display. This ultra-high resolution guarantees that no matter what kind of screen you want to view your pictures or videos on, you’ll be able to max out your resolution with extreme detail, which is important for aerial photos.

High resolution also means you’re in a good position to do some video editing, and the Tactic Air Drone comes ready with built-in video editing and photo editing so you can make you ensure the best look for memories right after capturing them.

Technical chops aside, it looks nice. The diamond-cut design features a frosted texture on the fuselage. The battery powers 20 minutes of use, and it’s modular too, which means you can swap it out with another battery for another photo session or more video time.

Is Tactic Air Drone Any Good?

The Drone is equipped with so many features, you can judge for yourself:

  • 4K electric adjustable cameras
  • Dual camera functionality
  • Smart gesture photo recognition
  • Photo and video editing
  • Optical flow positioning
  • Flight stabilization
  • Diamond-cut, lightweight design
  • 20-minute modular batteries

Taking Advantage of a Dual Camera Drone

Dual Camera 4K Air Drone

The dual camera set up opens a host of exciting possibilities. In addition to making optical flow positioning possible, it gives you a better view when you are flying the drone directly with the controller. You can gauge your distance from the ground and get an extra vantage point if you’re looking for something with your drone. On the controller, you can use full screen, split-screen, or picture-in-picture display modes. The full screen shows you only what the main camera sees. This view gives you the most detail, as you can view the video on your whole screen with no distractions. Split-screen does pretty much what you think it would, it splits the screen. This gives you equal space to view what’s on either camera. Picture-in-picture mode is useful for when you want to focus on the main camera while still keeping tabs on the other camera. The modes are particularly nice when you are recording video while doing complex navigation with the controls.

What did I like about the Tactic Drone?

This is a great drone. Why?

  • Great features at an affordable price
  • Bulk ordering to save even more if you’re building a drone fleet
  • Smooth flight
  • Smart follow me mode
  • Gesture triggered photos
  • Plenty of ways to view what your camera is capturing
  • Attractive design


This drone is the move if you are in the market for an affordable enthusiasts drone. It has top of the line features in an attractive, lightweight, collapsible, and compact packaging. 4K cameras with photo and video editing capabilities let you use the drone on the go, and the modular batteries let you keep the fun going.
Not as the known DroneX Pro, this one is a 3 levels-up drone, at the same price

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